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The "AMENO Onlus" Cultural Association exists to promote, protect, and rediscover the cultural, historic and environmental heritage of Ameno and the surrounding areas.

The "AMENO Onlus" Association has grown from the initiative of a group of local people who are keen to promote Ameno and the whole Lake Orta area.  It aims to promote and coordinate the work of all those who want to contribute positively for the benefit of this unique area.    

In keeping with these aims, we think of A.M.E.N.O. as an acronym of the areas of interest in which the Association operates.  Starting with A for Art and artistic heritage, we have M for Music, E for (Cultural) Events, and N for Nature and the Natural environment.  In keeping with the tourism of the whole Cusio area, the acronym is anchored with a final O for Ospitalità (Hospitality).     

"Ameno onlus" is open to anyone who would like to take an active part in the work of the group, and to all those who believe in the value of supporting the Association's aims even if they feel they are not able to take an active role.

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The Secretary, Ameno Onlus, Via della Spanna 13, 28010 Ameno (NO), Italy
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