Associazione Culturale "AMENO Onlus"

Aims and Objectives

Art. 3 - Aims

The objectives of the "AMENO ONLUS" Cultural Association are to rediscover, protect, and promote, the historic, cultural, and environmental heritage of Ameno and surrounding areas.

With the whole Cusio area being a popular destination for discerning tourists, the Association's activities are intended to be purely cultural, artistic and recreational; in particular the Association is not in any way involved with seeking any financial return.

The specific objectives of the Association are to:

  • Keep alive the local traditions and recent local history of Ameno, by means of a varied programme of events aimed at both residents and visitors to the area, with particular focus on social/educational events such as concerts, exhibitions and meetings.
  • Promote and encourage cultural events and activities which will really value the local community and help it flourish.
  • Promote and encourage publications relating to the local area.
  • Work to protect the natural environment and to encourage the wider enjoyment of the local countryside.
  • Work to protect and restore the historic monuments and works of art which the local area is endowed with, and to promote their wider appreciation.
  • Implement campaigns to raise awareness, and to encourage the proper enjoyment of the local cultural, historic, and environmental heritage, which we view as irreplaceable assets to be passed on for the benefit of future generations.
  • Work together with local bodies and other interested organisations, and with schools and universities.
  • The Association reserves the right to undertake any other initiatives that are in keeping with the aims outlined above.

To further these aims, the Association may also:

  • request grants and other financing, as well as enter into any sort of agreement with public or private organisations;
  • undertake any other activity connected to the Association's aims, or in some way related to the furthering of its objectives, which might include: the publication of books, leaflets or other literature; the editing or compilation of articles about meetings or seminars, or the publication of any other study or research which by its nature or content is relevant to, and furthers, the objectives of the Association.

Furthermore, the Association is free to engage in any business transaction, involving property or otherwise, whether of a commercial or financial nature, which is considered necessary or helpful for the running of the Association or for achieving its aims, or is relevant directly or indirectly, inasmuch as it is in keeping with these aims.

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